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Bid Management Services

Our bid process allows us the flexibility to tailor our service to suit your needs and your budget, providing flexible options that enable you to use your own resources whenever possible. Our team of consultants are dedicated to providing value that will ultimately develop your business and deliver an excellent return on investment.

Our Service Offering includes:



Assess the strengths and weaknesses in order to improve the performance of the company through the definition of its technical solution.


Ensure a complete, readable and fully understandable proposal in accordance with the customer requirements.


Working with your team to write the proposal up while synthesizing and highlighting the essentials of the offer, the customer environment, needs and priorities, the proposed solution and its benefits.



Check both compliances of the proposal architecture and customer requirements.

Program Management Services

Our Service helps you maximize the capability of our Expert Teams to deliver your programs on time, on budget and exceed stakeholder requirements

Our process involves thorough assessment of your organization’s needs. We identify a number of the most effective levers of improvement. We work with your teams and management to create custom solutions to address a focused set of challenges. We then work with your Program Management Office (PMO) to create and deliver a sequenced series of phases, targeting the most important levers of improvement in program and project management. This inch wide, mile deep approach creates results quickly.

Our Service Offering Includes:



Whether you are large or small, a start-up or an established company, we develop the project plan along with you to create an engagement that creates Agile teams and achieves measurable program goals.


Our proprietary assessment process yields deep insights for your team. We identify the root causes behind the management challenges you face and develop solutions that improve your ability to select winners and allocate resource to projects.


Your investment with us earns increased organizational capability. We not only implement Best Practices but we also teach you how to build on the improvements so that your company is prepared for the next challenge.


Operations Management Services

We provide advisory and implementation services that will improve your organization's internal operations and performance.

Our consulting services creates effective client operations by advising on and supporting with the implementation of changes to target operating model, functional business processes, management systems, culture and other elements that are part of the value chain.


Training Services

Our experienced Consultants deliver comprehensive bid writing training, tender training and help coordinate your bid management process. We give you the skills that can help you to improve your tendering success.

The training is designed for those who are increasingly undertaking bid work in their job roles and have had no basic training. The classes will equip you with all the tools you need to become a more effective bid professional.

The training is aligned to APMP (Association for Proposal Management Professional) best practice. The classes are laced with practical examples and opportunities to put your new skills into practice.

Our Service Offering includes:


Bid Masterclasses

An all encompassing day covering the entire bidding landscape, from sourcing and qualification to submitting your final bid and analyzing feedback.


Tailored Workshops

Following an analysis of your bidding environment, we deliver a workshop focused on pre-agreed improvement areas.

Online Bid Training

Learn at your own speed and at a time that suits you. These bitesize seminars address specific issues faced in bid management.

Administration, Governance and Printing Services

We offer assistance with administration and production of final bid documents and project documents and supply these documents to the customer within defined deadlines.

Our Service Offering also includes:




Tender Alerts and Registrations

Receive the latest Tender Alerts related to your products and services.

We facilitate applications and registrations with government entities, for Discretionary Grants, Supplier Database Registrations, Application for Accreditations with the various SETA's.

Document Collation

We formulate a bid response structure in accordance to the bid requirements.

Ensure bid and proposal documentation is formatted, collated and presented in a professional and compliant manner.

Ensure that all mandatory supporting documents are up to date and valid.

Customized Stationary and Printing

We design customized templates and stationary for your bid response and project governance.

We also provide all the required stationary for your bid and project submission.

We provide a printing service for your bid submissions and project document.



We charge an hourly rate for services rendered between 1-5 days


We charge a Set Fee for services rendered per project or submission that is less than 30 days


We customize a Retainer Fee based on your requirements and duration for services rendered beyond 30 days


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