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Critical Thinking Test

Critical Thinking Test

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Assess your candidates’ ability to conceptualise, apply, analyse, and evaluate complex written information in order to reach a meaningful conclusion.

Critical thinking ability is essential to performance in any role that requires clear and reasoned decision-making. In these roles, critical thinking tests represent some of the strongest predictors of performance known, making them invaluable selection tools.

This critical thinking test is suitable for:

Low-volume testing

The smaller the candidate pool, the more difficult it becomes to identify differences between candidates.

Concepts identifies even the subtlest ability differences between candidates, with a higher degree of accuracy than basic ability tests (i.e. verbal, numerical, inductive reasoning tests, etc).


Mid-stage screening

Recruitment processes usually increase in complexity incrementally, starting with a simple CV sift and culminating in a complex assessment centre / panel interview.

Although basic ability tests (verbal, numerical, inductive etc.) should be used in the early stages, Concepts measures a more complex set of cognitive abilities, lending themselves well to mid stage recruitment.


High stake recruitment

Concepts measures the higher level cognitive abilities which underpin performance in high-stakes professional, managerial, and executive level roles

Using concepts in high stakes recruitment ensures that candidates have the necessary cognitive abilities to make key decisions, act with autonomy and work with complex information.

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