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Emotional Intelligence Test

Emotional Intelligence Test

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Assess your candidates' propensity to understand emotions and interpersonal communication in around 15 minutes.

    Emotional intelligence is the behavioral propensity to understand, appreciate, and manage emotions and interpersonal communication. Emotional intelligence is particularly important in roles where staff take significant responsibility for other people. Without emotional intelligence, people have difficulty managing relationships, emotions, and their own behavior, especially during periods of stress or pressure.

    The emotional intelligence questionnaire employs modern item response theory (IRT) psychometric modelling, the latest research findings in the field of behavioral assessment. It is designed to accurately measure the traits which underpin emotional intelligence, both fairly and accurately, all while providing an exceptional candidate experience.


    This emotional intelligence test is suitable for:

    Leadership positions

    Emotional intelligence is essential to meaningful performance in managerial, supervisory, and leadership roles.

     Without emotionally intelligent managers, the feelings, opinions, and reactions of staff will go unnoticed, and their potential will go under-utilised.


    Customer focused roles

    Customer facing roles require staff to make meaningful connections with customers, clients, and stakeholders.

    This allows them to correctly identify the emotions and mood of customers, carefully manage conversations, and effectively manage their own emotional reactions.


    Caring roles

    Emotional intelligence is essential in roles that require high levels of emotional care and compassion.

     This helps prevent compassion fatigue, ensuring staff maintain high levels of sympathy, compassion, and understanding for those whom they care for.

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