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Mechanical Reasoning Test

Mechanical Reasoning Test

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Assess your candidates’ ability to apply mechanical and physical principles to systems or processes.

This mechanical reasoning test predicts job performance. Mechanical ability is a facet of general mental ability, and candidates’ results from this test help you select those most likely to excel in technical and highly hands-on roles. This mechanical reasoning test can be used alone or in combination with other assessments, such as inductive, numerical, or verbal reasoning tests.

This mechanical reasoning test is suitable for:

High-volume testing

With each test only taking around 15 minutes on average to complete, the Insights suite is the ideal high volume recruitment tool. Large-volume campaigns where companies have strong attraction strategies and need to filter high quality candidates.


Early-stage screening

The Insights suite measures the essential cognitive abilities which underpin high performance in the workplace.

Effective first-stage pre-screen of applicants before progressing to more cost-intensive stages such as interviews.


Routine selection

Ability tests are a quick and effective way to identify high performers for routine recruitment processes (i.e. graduate and apprentice schemes).

Classic application of psychometric testing such as graduate schemes or apprenticeship schemes.

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