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Personal Mastery Training

Personal Mastery Training

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The ultimate aim is for you to self-actualize and perform at your own unique creative potential.  In this course you will learn at your own time and own pace as we conduct the training through our Learning Management System.

In this course you will learn:

Self awareness and Mindfulness

  • Deepening my Self Awareness
  • Johari's Window
  • The Myers Briggs Personality Test
  • Understanding different personalities
  • Locus of Control

Understanding & managing your emotions

  • Recognizing negative emotions
  • Hardiness Research
  • Resilience

Self Confidence, Self-esteem and Self belief

  • Developing your inner self-confidence
  • Reject Rejection
  • Developing determination and perseverance
  • Developing inner self-esteem
  • Appreciating yourself
  • Doing an Emotional Intelligence Test

Personal Mastery

  • The law of attraction
  • Identifying your mission and soul purpose
  • Identifying your passions
  • From dreams to goals and objectives
  • Focusing on your core genius and talents
  • Three obstacles to success:
  • Considerations, fears & roadblocks
  • Taking action
  • Having an attitude of gratitude
  • Living from a space of positive emotions
  • Focusing on the good in your life
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