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Personality Test

Personality Test

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Assess your candidate’s emotional intelligence, resilience, integrity, industriousness, and the Big Five personality traits.

Personality traits hold enormous sway over our potential productivity at work. In virtually all roles, personality questionnaires are useful predictors of future performance, making them invaluable selection tools.

This personality test is suitable for:

High volume recruitment

The more important the role, the greater the impact an individual’s personality and behavior can have on the company.

It measures 45 distinct personality traits, providing an unparalleled level of breadth to help employers make sound, high-stakes recruitment decisions


Development and Coaching

Personality questionnaires are the only psychometric assessments which can be applied across both recruitment and development.

 The test can help structure coaching or personal development discussions and includes a specialized candidate-feedback report which can be returned to employees to aid their development.


Talent Analytics

Talent analytics allows employers to scientifically identify the key determiners of almost any workplace relevant outcome, i.e. performance, retention, engagement, job satisfaction etc.

 By measuring 45 distinct personality traits, the test is uniquely positioned to inform talent analytics projects, providing an unparalleled level of potential predictive power.

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